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How to Adjust a Liberty Safe Door

Liberty Safe installs packing material in the door to help protect it during shiping. Once removed the door may have some play in it, and may need to be tightened. Liberty installs two door adjusters on the inside left door jam allowing you to tighten the door.

Once adjusted the door should fit snuggly but allow the handle to turn and engage the bolts without significant resistance.

You can adjust your door by using the following steps.

    1. Locate the 3/16-inch hex key in your stock envelope.
    2. Open the safe door and remove the small pieces of shipping foam in the door. Close the safe door and check for how much play there is in the door by pulling on the handle back and forth. This will determine how much you will need to tighten the door.
    3. If the door has some play in it, start by adjusting the top door adjuster first. Using the hex key wrench loosen both screws approximately one full rotation.
    4. Slide out the curved nylon door adjuster approximately the amount of play in the door, and retighten the screws.
    5. Before adjusting the bottom door adjuster, check the door to see how snug it is. Close the door and pull on the handle again. If it is still loose you will need to repeat the same procedure and pull out the door adjuster even further.
    6. Once the handle turns smoothly and the door feels snug, complete the process by adjusting the bottom door adjuster by the same amount as the top.
    7. If by chance you have pulled out the door adjuster too far, the door bolts may end up so tight against the door adjusters that the slip clutch in the handle activates and the door bolts won't retract.
    8. If this happens use your knee, or shoulder, to put pressure on the left side of the door which helps take pressure of the bolts and the door adjusters. While pushing on the door, turn the handle and the door bolts should release.
    9. Loosen the door adjusters and retighten.
    10. Test to confirm door is snug and bolts engage without significant resistance.

If you have further questions regarding adjusting your door, feel free to contact customer service at 1-800-247-5625.