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Anchoring the Safe to the Floor

  • Anchoring kits are the #1 security add-on for safes. Available for both wood and concrete floors.
  • For optimum security, the safe should be anchored to the floor utilizing pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the safe floor (under fabric/floor panels). These pre-drilled holes are the same holes used to lag bolt the safe to the shipping pallet. In order to lag bolt to the floor, shipping pallet should be removed.
  • Decide where the safe is to be installed. If location of safe is to be placed directly on cement, place some type of barrier (carpet remnant) under safe before installing as this will protect the bottom of the safe from scratches and potential rust.
  • Once safe is in the desired location, ensure that the safe is level on the floor and use shims to level if needed. You can tell if a safe is level by opening the door and seeing if the door stays in its open position. If the door automatically opens or closes, shim sides accordingly.
  • Once safe is level, open door and lift the access panels on the safe floor.
  • The anchoring kit includes the hardware and instructions for anchoring the safe to either wood and concrete floors. Additional tools are required for installation. (See instructions by clicking on the links below.)
  • Follow the instructions provided with the safe anchoring kits shown below.