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1. Uni-body Construction

Uni-body 2 piece roll-form construction
Uni-body 2 piece roll-form construction
Robotic welding for a stronger safe
Robotic welding for a stronger safe


  •  Liberty's exclusive and state-of-the-art roll form process uses a unique and secure 2-piece design. Process precisely folds coiled steel into any one of 6 models. 


  1. No seams on the front and sides of the top - the most vulnerable place for prying or breaking of welds. Liberty's roll-form process and robotic welding produces stronger welds and a more rigid box.
  2. The back of each 2-piece safe is robotically welded to the safe body, melting the seams to resist bending, prying, cutting, splitting and distortion. This is key to defending against security attacks and distortion during hot searing fires.
  3. Liberty's UNI-BODY Construction bends with more accuracy and tighter tolerances for more consistent safes and performance.
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